13 May 2013

The baby-boomer
death cult

The euthanasing of a Belgian Nobel laureate raises disturbing questions about attitudes to the elderly and the future.

21 March 2013

In defence of old people’s right to live

Those of us who see great worth in old people’s lives should oppose the demands for a ‘right to die’ for over-70s.

20 August 2012

Assisted dying: simple,
neat - and wrong

The case of Tony Nicklinson is heartbreaking, but we should be very wary of granting his wish for legalised euthanasia.

14 March 2012

The devaluation of disabled people’s lives

Why is it assumed that the only way to help Tony Nicklinson, a man paralysed by a stroke, is to help him die?

9 January 2012

Put this campaign out of its misery

A report by the Commission for Assisted Dying exposes just how confused the euthanasia camp is.

15 June 2011

Terry Pratchett and the new ritual of death

The author’s film about assisted suicide focused on the act of dying to the exclusion of the life that precedes it.

The humanist case against euthanasia

If you’re opposed to legalising a ‘right to die’, people assume you must be a religious crank. But not all of us are.

26 April 2010

‘I want to leave my readers in favour of life’

Ten years ago, Brendan O’Neill met his idol Alan Sillitoe to talk about the degradation of the working-class hero.

2 March 2010

How did the ‘right to die’ become the liveliest cause?

Some thoughts on what the assisted suicide debate tells us about our political life and times – and what Leon Trotsky might have made of it all.

2 March 2010

Why society should not tolerate suicide

Suicide itself – ‘the right of anyone to take his life’ – is being legitimated by the assisted-suicide campaign.