9 February 2016

Why we must
trust women

Support bpas’s campaign to decriminalise abortion.

8 February 2016

Zika: why all women must have abortion rights

Every woman, not just those threatened by Zika, should have choice.

2 December 2015

The best abortion law is no abortion law at all

Northern Ireland's abortion ruling is a small step in the right direction.

19 October 2015

Why the fight for women’s choice must go on

Forget ‘reproductive justice’ – let’s stand up for women’s autonomy.

25 September 2015

Planned Parenthood: pro‑choicers should go on the offensive

Stop apologising for providing an essential service for women.

7 July 2015

Trust women: our Charter for Choice

Ann Furedi on why we should trust women to make reproductive choices.

17 February 2015

The 10 worst US states for abortion rights

Land of the free? Think again.

17 February 2015

Stop Gendercide: a dangerous campaign

Changes to the UK criminal law could put abortion doctors on trial.

29 January 2015

In the struggle over abortion access, BPAS isn’t backing off

Why restricting clinic protests is not an attack on political freedom.