11 May 2006

Why abortion clinics won’t be building barricades

The chief executive of the UK's largest specialist abortion provider explains why she and her colleagues are not scared by the UK LifeLeague's 'name and shame' antics.

20 April 2006

So, can a fetus feel pain?

A new study showing that premature babies launch a ‘brain response’ following a heel lance is cited as evidence that fetuses feel pain. One expert begs to differ.

20 April 2006

Beyond Roe vs Wade: let the debate begin

A pro-choice South Dakotan investigates her home state's decision to prohibit abortion.

16 March 2005

Late abortion and the ‘fetal pain’ fallacy

The USA's ban on 'partial-birth abortion' rests on flawed arguments about fetal development.

16 March 2005

Should abortion be an election issue? Vote no!

The UK abortion debate promotes emotion over political principle, and forgets about women's rights.

21 April 2004

Life is not a film

Women don't need to see videos of destroyed fetuses to understand the reality of abortion, says the chief executive of the UK's leading abortion and advice charity.

9 December 2003

Abortion: Whose right?

The furore around an abortion for cleft palate shows that British law does not give women the right to choose.

8 December 2003

Celebrity anti-abortionist

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on the narcissistic self-indulgence behind Reverend Jepson's campaign against late abortion.

2 December 2003

Judging abortion

A barrister warns against judges intervening in decisions about unwanted pregnancies.

1 December 2003

Whose choice?

The difficult decision whether to abort a fetus with a cleft palate should lie with the pregnant woman, not a vicar or a judge, says the chief executive of the UK's leading abortion and advice charity.