20 September 2007

The real Amnesty-abortion scandal

Forget the Catholic Church’s predictable stance on abortion. Why is a human rights group so cavalier about a woman’s right to choose?

25 June 2007

Let us decriminalise abortion altogether

It's high time we had a frank inquiry into England's Abortion Act, which remains, on paper, one of the most restrictive in the Western world.

16 May 2007

Ireland’s cruel and unusual abortion law

The Irish authorities’ attempt to stop a 17-year-old whose fetus had no head from travelling abroad for an abortion could be a tipping point.

25 April 2007

Abortion: better ‘late’ than never

A contributor to a controversial study outlines the reasons why women need access to abortion - even five months after becoming pregnant.

20 November 2006

Abortion: some messages can’t be massaged

It's time to ditch the spin and tell the truth about why women have abortions, and what would happen if they were denied them.

2 November 2006

Abort these lazy anti-choice arguments

How a tentative study from New Zealand about abortion and mental health was turned into cast-iron evidence that abortion makes women mad.

8 October 2006

The wrong debate about abortion rights

Images of 'smiling' fetuses are no basis on which to judge what to do about unwanted pregnancies.

21 July 2006

After D: antenatal diagnosis and human rights

A recent ruling in D v Ireland suggests that Irish women may be able to obtain abortion in cases of lethal fetal anomaly. Barbara Hewson, counsel for D, reflects on the case.

5 June 2006

What’s wrong with ‘do-it-yourself’ abortions?

The abortion pill is safe and effective, says the chief executive of Britain’s largest specialist abortion provider. So why all the fuss about the fact that more women are taking it?

11 May 2006

Why abortion clinics won’t be building barricades

The chief executive of the UK's largest specialist abortion provider explains why she and her colleagues are not scared by the UK LifeLeague's 'name and shame' antics.