28 April 2005

A French lesson

Three new books by teachers in France expose the fallacies of the popular 'child-centred' model of education.

24 March 2005

Red Lake: a tragedy, not a lesson

Overreacting to high-school shootings causes more harm than good.

25 February 2005

Making a meal out of school dinners

Jamie Oliver’s campaign for better grub for schoolkids promotes modern prejudices about food.

21 February 2005

We don’t need no thought control

The UK government sees schools as a weapon in its war against feckless parents and feral children.

17 February 2005

The new Chief Inquisitor on campus

From ethics committees to ‘learning outcomes’, the threat to academic freedom comes from within the university as much as from without.

3 February 2005

Tying teenagers down

Why does the UK government want to stop young people 'just hanging out' with their friends?

10 November 2004

Those who can’t teach, socially include

Education or social inclusion? A teacher argues that you can't have both.

28 October 2004

Uneducated reforms

For this recent A-level graduate, the Tomlinson Report makes uninspiring reading.

5 October 2004

The myth of ‘infant determinism’

Despite claims, science does not prove that our adult lives are determined by infant experiences.

27 August 2004

Fool’s gold standard

An A-level examiner on how the content, criteria and assessment methods of today's A-levels sell students short.