5 October 2004

The myth of ‘infant determinism’

Despite claims, science does not prove that our adult lives are determined by infant experiences.

27 August 2004

Fool’s gold standard

An A-level examiner on how the content, criteria and assessment methods of today's A-levels sell students short.

19 August 2004

Is that your final answer?

Why are more Oxford students postponing their Finals?

18 August 2004

An ‘A’ for self-esteem

The annual row over exam results fails to address the problem.

11 August 2004

No substitute for knowing your stuff

Pursuit of knowledge should be at the cutting edge of education.

5 August 2004

Can’t read, won’t read

'Dyslexia' is becoming a catch-all excuse for poor work.

3 August 2004

Education - it’s not for the economy, stupid!

Those who believe that education drives economic growth need some lessons in reality.

21 July 2004

Class divisions

Who benefits from the 'personalised learning' strategy of dividing school pupils into sub-sets?

30 March 2004

Losing the plot

'Children's geography' is a quagmire for both pupils and teachers.

19 February 2004

Examination, examination, examination

Forget this endless exam reform - bring back education.