9 May 2006

Kick politics out of education

It is only when our leaders are in trouble that they start marching into schools.

20 April 2006

The creation of a phantom enemy

It is the scientific establishment's own self-doubt that lies at the root of the furore over creationism.

30 March 2006

Free thinking not allowed

The UK government's White Paper on further education dismisses learning for ‘pleasure and leisure’ as surplus to requirements.

14 March 2006

Intelligent design and educational stupidity

Worried about the rise of creationism in UK schools? This teacher blames the timidity of the science establishment.

2 March 2006

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Does teaching preschoolers about Aboriginal culture or homosexuality make them more ‘tolerant’? This educator thinks not.

17 February 2006

Why Labour begrudges grammar schools

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

14 February 2006

Testing adult authority

The UK government wants to turn teachers into shock troops against kids' bad behaviour. Not surprisingly, teachers aren't too keen.

4 January 2006

The ‘Hitlerisation’ of history teaching

The problem with the teaching of the past today is that it makes universalism history.

19 December 2005

What’s lost in translation

Promoting foreign language learning as a functional business skill won't inspire anybody to go beyond 'au revoir'.

30 November 2005

Hard science

How can teenagers hope to study physics, when the educational establishment thinks that abstract thought is beyond them?