25 October 2005

The parent power cop-out

Tony Blair's new plan for schools is not a bold reform, but an exercise in cowardly politics

30 September 2005

Anti-science lessons

UK schools’ new dumbed-down, issues-led science curriculum will inculcate students with suspicion about scientific endeavour.

5 September 2005

Passing the book

Who's to blame for kids' bad behaviour in schools?

19 August 2005

Children’s future should be decided by parents, not by committee

spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

19 August 2005

Devaluing the gold standard

How have A-levels got easier? A school-leaver from 2004 writes.

18 August 2005

The A-level debate: a failure of intelligence

How the annual row over the rising pass rate misses the mark.

11 August 2005

Schooled in self-esteem

A teacher’s proposal to ‘delete the word "fail" from the educational vocabulary’ was dismissed by ministers. But in practise, schools are already doing it.

20 July 2005

Masters in procrastination

Universities can feel like graduate factories

1 July 2005

Studying science for its own sake

Ignore philistine government officials: there’s nothing ‘nineteenth century’ about the pure science subjects.

28 April 2005

What is education for?

None of the political parties seems to have a clue.