17 August 2006

Filling a gap

Why some British teens seek a sense of purpose by spending 'gap years' among the world's poor and downtrodden.

15 August 2006

Teach science for science’s sake

Replacing physics, chemistry and biology with lessons in 'scientific literacy' will make children more wary of science in general.

24 July 2006

Can TV remote-control our kids?

Some claim the media make children fat and violent; others argue the media can help to make children more socially responsible. Both sides should get a grip.

5 July 2006

A political nursery

Childish campus politics is a perfect training ground for the media-obsessed, censorious politicians of the future.

28 June 2006

You can’t tackle divisions by promoting diversity

Where does the Commission for Racial Equality, official celebrator of difference, get off blaming parents for racial segregation in schools?

16 June 2006

‘Now children, put yourselves in Osama’s shoes…’

Read Mick Hume in The Times (London) on what schools are teaching teenagers about terrorism.

13 June 2006

Student strike-breakers

How self-interested students helped to undermine the industrial action by British university lecturers seeking more pay.

9 May 2006

Kick politics out of education

It is only when our leaders are in trouble that they start marching into schools.

20 April 2006

The creation of a phantom enemy

It is the scientific establishment's own self-doubt that lies at the root of the furore over creationism.

30 March 2006

Free thinking not allowed

The UK government's White Paper on further education dismisses learning for ‘pleasure and leisure’ as surplus to requirements.