14 August 2003

Exam failures

A-level students deserve a challenging education, not a patronising pat on the back.

15 July 2003

Stressing out students

Students are encouraged to experience university challenges as traumas.

15 July 2003

Whatever happened to the university?

Higher education has come to mean everything - except intellectual endeavour.

25 February 2003

Selecting a narrow education

As New Labour cranks up its anti-grammar school campaign, a teacher asks - why now?

10 February 2003

The case for corporate universities

It's not the source of university funding that should concern academics, but the strings attached to it by the state.

4 February 2003

Sparking interest in science

While children hunger for truth and beauty, the UK government's new pilot science curriculum feeds them a soup of media-driven issues.

28 January 2003

Lifelong learning: education or therapy?

A lecturer assesses the demoralisation of post-16 education in the UK.

28 January 2003

Why vocational GCSEs won't work

Making the UK curriculum for 14- to 19-year-olds more ‘relevant’ will only make pupils more bored. A teacher writes.

23 January 2003

Fees and me

London students talk about paying for higher education.

23 January 2003

A temporary vocation

Is teaching just another job - and should it be?