11 January 2017

University isn’t about ‘satisfaction’

Academics should teach students – not look after them.

5 January 2017

The teaching assistants who took on the system

Durham TAs show us how to challenge pay cuts.

27 December 2016

The 10 maddest things done by students this year

The campus-censorship craziness got even worse in 2016.

26 December 2016

The year education went explicitly political

After Brexit and Trump, academia’s bias became crystal clear.

22 December 2016

Universities are patronising poor students

Lowering entry grades for poor applicants does them no favours.

19 December 2016

The creepy obsession with teenagers’ sex lives

Students don't need more sex ed. They need to be left alone.

14 December 2016

Treating pupils like prisoners

'No-excuses discipline' won't solve the crisis of teacher authority.

13 December 2016

The tyranny of ‘ze’

Transgender politics isn't radical, it's deeply conservative.