22 November 2017

Students, stop waging war on the past

Now student leaders want to erase William Gladstone's name.

20 November 2017

What should schools teach?

A new book makes the case for imparting knowledge and pursuing truth.

20 November 2017

‘Brave spaces’ are no answer to safe spaces

Ghettoising free speech will make matters on campus worse.

25 October 2017

‘The best that has been thought and said’

150 years on, Matthew Arnold still inspires.

24 October 2017

Anti-Remainer McCarthyism? Give me a break…

The elite-Remainer victim complex knows no bounds.

23 October 2017

The myth of Oxbridge racism

David Lammy is utterly wrong, says a former admissions officer.

20 October 2017

Libraries are losing their literary value

They risk becoming hangouts rather than places of discovery.