25 October 2017

‘The best that has been thought and said’

150 years on, Matthew Arnold still inspires.

24 October 2017

Anti-Remainer McCarthyism? Give me a break…

The elite-Remainer victim complex knows no bounds.

23 October 2017

The myth of Oxbridge racism

David Lammy is utterly wrong, says a former admissions officer.

20 October 2017

Libraries are losing their literary value

They risk becoming hangouts rather than places of discovery.

19 October 2017

You can’t fine your way to free speech

Government plans to punish censorious universities miss the point.

13 October 2017

We need to talk about transgenderism

Trans politics has engulfed our institutions, with zero debate.

10 October 2017

Why cheating has become the norm

The rise of ‘essay mills’ reflects the commodification of university.

9 October 2017

Universities must rediscover the passion for knowledge

General-education courses make learning a tick-box exercise.

2 October 2017

The myth of playground racism

The obsession with racist kids is driven by class prejudice.