10 April 2014

Toby Young
vs The Blob

Young talks to spiked about his war on UK education’s child-centred orthodoxy.

7 April 2014

‘I've been told that I’m not welcome on campus’

A libertarian student slams the groupthink dominating UK student unions.

27 March 2014

How academia traded freedom for justice

Academics have frittered away their right to free thought. It's time they took it back.

20 March 2014

How trigger warnings shoot down free debate

To warn students that they’re about to encounter potentially offensive ideas is to treat them like children.

13 March 2014

Challenging children to read better

There’s a reason why kids are choosing to read easy books – adults are encouraging them to.

Turning students into nervous wrecks

Why do we assume students are vulnerable? The vast majority aren’t.

5 March 2014

Campus censorship: the fightback starts here

It’s time for students to throw off the censors’ shackles.

5 March 2014

Chinese education: few lessons for the West

Students in East Asia may be great at passing exams, but that doesn't mean their schooling is better.