5 February 2016

Students don’t need no datafication

Monitoring student activity destroys the educational experience.

3 February 2016

We must have the freedom to hate

Hatred isn’t big or clever, but it should never be a crime.

3 February 2016

BDS: censorship disguised as justice

Anti-Israel intolerance has made a sham of academic freedom.

3 February 2016

The sexism of
Safe Spaces

Students' unions that want to ‘protect women’ are turning the clock back.

29 January 2016

How ‘progressive’ education patronises the poor

The only responsibility schools have to working-class kids is to give them a good education.

27 January 2016

Meet the students fighting campus censorship

Students across the country have had enough of censorious SUs.

26 January 2016

We need to talk about terrorism

The Prevent agenda is chilling classroom discussion.

17 January 2016

Campus censorship: it’s worse than you think, but there is hope

Introducing the 2016 Free Speech University Rankings.