Let London be spontaneous

We must roll back regulations on public life.

4 May 2016

Let’s fill London with cars

We need more roads, cheaper fuel and greater freedom for everyone.

Let’s harness London’s creativity

The new mayor should champion creative technology.

27 April 2016

Let’s make the whole of London a Free Speech Zone

Time for the capital city of freedom of expression to live up to its history.

27 April 2016

A deep green in charge of London? I don’t think so

Having Zac Goldsmith run London would be like asking a nun to run a brothel.

27 April 2016

For a London a hundred miles wide

Let’s build on the Green Belt and let the city breathe.

21 April 2016

London, it’s time for a new industrial revolution

Let’s make London the industrial centre of the future.

30 March 2016

Why both Zac and Sadiq are playing the race card

In the London mayoral contest, it’s time we replaced identity with ideas.

16 March 2016

In defence of gentrification

My vision for London: celebrate social shifting and hipster initiative.

16 March 2016

Let London party

My vision for London: fight for our right to stay out all night.