Latin America
Latin America

Latin America

1 September 2010

This is a story of resilience, not despair

Why was the mental-health lobby so quick to diagnose depression in the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground?

2 March 2010

How to save humanity from nature’s whims

The differences between the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes show why we need real development in the Third World.

28 April 2009

The day I was tested for swine flu

Tessa Mayes reports from Mexico City on what it's like to fall ill in the world capital of the new influenza strain.

10 June 2008

Trapped in a prison of underdevelopment

High infant mortality, crippling disease, grinding poverty: this is tribal life, as celebrated by Survival International.

26 February 2008

Castro’s Cuba: made in America

Fidel Castro was a by-product of the Cold War, his regime more the creation of external pressures than of any internal ideology.

18 June 2007

How the left is living off Latin America

John Pilger's new film rightly slates US intervention - but its fawning over Chavez substitutes fantasy for political analysis.

13 December 2006

Pinochet: the Ghost of Politics Past

He's dead and buried, along with his era. Time to get over it and move on.

17 August 2006

What will follow Fidel?

When Castro fell ill there was a fevered debate about what will happen to Cuba when he dies. In fact, much ‘transition’ has already occurred.

Bolivia: ‘nationalisation’ isn’t what it seems

Latin America is afflicted by the same loss of meaning in political life as we in the West are.

18 November 2005

Latin America rising?

Westerners' talk of a Latin American 'revolution' replaces political analysis with pure fantasy.