Latin America
Latin America

Latin America

2 August 2017

Venezuela: down with this Bonapartist regime

The people suffering under Maduro need our solidarity, not sermons.

1 August 2017

Venezuela and the global turn against democracy

The left-right point-scoring over Venezuela obscures the real tragedy.

26 November 2016

Fidel Castro: a tragic Cold War figure

How the US and Soviet Union helped turn Castro into a dictator.

Why Western radicals loved Sup Marcos

Wilfully incoherent and politically uncertain, the Zapatistas leader was the perfect embodiment of anti-globalisation activism.

Chavez’s cheerleaders: parasites on US impotence

Far from doing battle with US imperial hegemony, Hugo Chavez and his Western fans merely danced on the grave of America’s withered global clout.

11 October 2012

Venezuela: the left’s heart in a heartless world

The Western left’s bizarre love affair with the Bonapartist Hugo Chavez speaks volumes about its intellectual disarray and desperation.

21 February 2012

The Penn is mightier than the sword

Argentina's use of Sean Penn to goad Britain over the Falklands confirms the terrifying power of celebrity today.

7 November 2011

Let’s hear it for South America’s new highway

Why has a road that fulfils the dream of joining the Pacific and Atlantic coasts attracted scorn in the West?

13 October 2010

Chile: solidarity wins out over psychobabble

The 33 miners have not only had to endure seclusion, but also the mean-spiritedness, censorship and disdain of the therapy industry.

12 October 2010

Don’t give him the Nobel – he’s right-wing!

Swedish leftists are outraged that Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize for literature, because he isn’t ‘one of us’.