General Election 2015

General Election 2015

24 May 2017

Generational revenge: the politics of ageism

The youth vote is being marshalled to punish the elderly.

21 May 2015

Who needs the Labour Party now?

It lost its ‘voice of organised labour’ long ago, and has found no other.

11 May 2015

Labour’s loss has been UKIP’s gain

The election confirmed the UK’s purple-tinted political shift.

11 May 2015

a death is denied

Grafting on a new head won’t bring the zombie party back to political life.

11 May 2015

Why the opinion polls got it so wrong

In an era of ‘You can’t say that’, people aren’t always honest with pollsters.

The fury of the elites: when the little people reject Labour

Behold the oligarchical contempt for the demos, and for democracy itself.

The invisible election

PODCAST: Brendan O'Neill on voting in an era of post-politics.

8 May 2015

Did the Tories really win?

And other unanswered UK election questions.

Election 2015: Social democracy is dead. Don’t mourn

The results confirm the end of Labour, and the space for something new.

6 May 2015

We need to inject some humanism into British politics

The election campaign has exposed the paucity of liberal thinking.