6 March 2003

The price of war

The Iraq conflict has provoked an attack of bogeyman economics.

14 January 2003

Deflation: inflated concerns

Why have falling prices in the world economy led to prophecies of doom?

19 November 2002

Lo: No Go

Why anti-globalisers choose the wrong targets.

22 August 2002

Poverty of ambition

How the World Summit on Sustainable Development will limit aspirations for economic growth.

6 August 2002

Manufacturing defensiveness

If British industry wants to attract young workers, it should take a more hard-headed approach.

19 July 2002

Public services: Stalin meets Enron

Targets, audits, reforms and incentives cannot compensate for New Labour's lack of a political ideology.

19 July 2002

The real con in WorldCon

WorldCom replaced engineering with financial engineering, and paid the price.

25 March 2002

Tobin or not Tobin?

The idea that a 'Tobin tax' on international financial speculation will solve global poverty is more fairytale than Robin Hood.