23 February 2015

This dodgy tax crusade is undermining freedom

The war on tax avoidance boosts arbitrary state power.

16 February 2015

The real dodgers are those obsessed with tax avoiders

Scapegoating the rich has become a way of dodging economic debate.

10 November 2014

This is not austerity

The A-word is distracting us from addressing the real economic malaise.

20 August 2014

Whatever happened to the Eurozone revival?

If we fail to tackle the true cause of the crisis, growth will remain a mirage.

25 July 2014

Five reasons why it’s rock’n’roll to avoid tax

It’s official: the Arctic Monkeys are rock legends.

16 June 2014

The poverty of the inequality debate

A new report claims the poor pay a higher rate of tax than the rich. It’s not that simple.

11 June 2014

Easy money is no solution for hard times

ESSAY: Monetary policies do nothing to address the West’s productive stupor.

4 June 2014

Pikettymania: thou shalt not doubt St Thomas

Why does any criticism of Thomas Piketty really rattle liberal observers?

21 May 2014

‘Beyond GDP’ is code for anti-prosperity

A new campaign promises austerity, social dislocation and a surge in unemployment.