review of books, August 2014

review of books, August 2014

5 September 2014

Academics against knowledge

Meet the academics who think academic freedom is a neoliberal conspiracy.

29 August 2014

‘The gay movement is full of staid conformists’

Julie Bindel talks to spiked about the death of gay radicalism.

24 August 2014

What really happened in Rwanda?

Everything you know about the genocide is wrong, says Barrie Collins.

15 August 2014

An Angela’s Ashes for the bored middle classes

Laurie Penny’s tome is self-pity sexed up as radicalism.

8 August 2014

Let’s lay off the Baby Boomers

PJ O’Rourke gives his much-maligned generation a break.

8 August 2014

The Great War: the first global jihad?

100 years on: How many saw the war as a means to spiritual salvation.

8 August 2014

Dying for a purpose

The absence of meaning in modern war has made combat losses hard to bear.

8 August 2014

Roger Scruton’s leap of faith

God may be dead, but the search for transcendence lives on.