Germany’s unfunny attack on the freedom to mock

Don't blame Turkey for Germany's prosecution of a satirist.

9 March 2016

Policing punchlines

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18 February 2016

The war on humour is no laughing matter

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26 January 2016

Should anything be ‘beyond a joke’?

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26 January 2016

Jerry Sadowitz: an anti-establishment hero

In this era of offence-taking, Sadowitz’s vicious comedy is more vital than ever.

6 January 2016

Even idiots like Dieudonné must have free speech

The legal punishments dished out to the French comedian undermine our freedoms.

16 December 2015

Peep Show: sitcom for a rootless generation

The final episode will no doubt leave Mark and Jez right where we found them.

7 October 2015

‘There’s nothing wrong with lads being lads’

Dapper Laughs talks free speech, lad culture and the rape joke that wasn’t.