19 April 2016

‘Students must challenge the cult of psychic vulnerability’

Listen to Brendan O'Neill's introduction to our student free-speech meet-up.

15 April 2016

‘Lena Dunham is a big pile of pudding’

Camille Paglia talks to Ella Whelan about feminism, transgenderism and Hillary.

9 April 2016

‘Universities should be dangerous spaces’

Jonathan Haidt talks Safe Spaces, microaggressions and campus fragility.

4 April 2016

‘The sugar tax is stupid and regressive’

Listen to the first episode of Last Orders, our new public-health podcast.

1 April 2016

‘Let’s breathe life back into the Enlightenment’

We discuss Enlightenment, academies and the Ghomeshi trial.

25 March 2016

‘After Brussels, let’s rise up against the politics of fear’

Podcast: Both terrorists and officials want us to be scared. Let’s refuse.

18 March 2016

‘No, Corbyn’s Labour is not full of anti-Semites’

We discuss the left and Jews, German politics, and Britain's Budget.

11 March 2016

Enough with the gender agenda

We talk football, Turkey's press crackdown and International Women's Day.

4 March 2016

From the GOP to the EU: the crumbling of the elites

Sean Collins and Bruno Waterfield discuss the democratic fightback.

17 September 2015

‘Free speech is always under threat’

PODCAST: Eugene Volokh talks to spiked about the constant battle for freedom.