13 August 2016

‘Even when the Olympics is bad, it’s still great’

Podcast: Mick Hume stands up for the greatest show on Earth.

30 July 2016

‘We have to fight for democracy all over again’

Podcast: Brexit creates the space for a new, better politics.

23 July 2016

‘There is a moral case for abortion’

Ann Furedi discusses her new book.

16 July 2016

‘After Nice, no more apologising – let's defend liberty’

Brendan O'Neill says we need to rediscover the Bastille spirit.

10 July 2016

‘To defend democracy, we must invoke Article 50 now’

We discuss the attacks on Brexit and our new campaign for democracy.

6 July 2016

‘Public-health groups are behaving like religious sects’

We talk malnutrition, smoking in Syria and takeaways in schools.

2 July 2016

‘Brexit is a huge opportunity – we must seize it’

Listen to Frank Furedi's opening talk from the spiked-Institute of Ideas Brexit event.

25 June 2016

‘This is our Magna Carta moment’

We discuss Brexit, Cliff Richard and Tate Modern.

18 June 2016

‘We need a strong, collective response to this new terrorism’

In this week's podcast, we discuss Orlando, the EU and progress.

10 June 2016

‘I think it’s good to hear hate speech’

Jonathan Rauch on why we should embrace being offended.