25 June 2016

‘This is our Magna Carta moment’

We discuss Brexit, Cliff Richard and Tate Modern.

18 June 2016

‘We need a strong, collective response to this new terrorism’

In this week's podcast, we discuss Orlando, the EU and progress.

10 June 2016

‘I think it’s good to hear hate speech’

Jonathan Rauch on why we should embrace being offended.

4 June 2016

‘This referendum invites us to dismantle the political order’

This week’s podcast: the radical case for Brexit.


26 May 2016

‘We are treating migrants like victims’

Slavoj Zizek discusses migration, PC and the crisis of European values.

21 May 2016

‘We’re giving up free speech without a fight’

Mick Hume discusses the ‘hand grenade’ edition of his book, Trigger Warning.

14 May 2016

‘The obsession with mental health is bad for everyone’

Sally Satel explains how therapy culture makes us sick.

‘We need a mayor as dynamic as London’

We talk the London mayor, Rhodes Must Fall and Leicester City.

‘The corporates are running scared of regulation’

We talk Dolmio, tap water with meals and the state of nannying across Europe.

‘Banning pornography is demeaning to women’

Nadine Strossen talks free speech, women's equality and defending porn.