25 June 2007

Bugged by the Bugaboo parents

Why are so many commentators throwing their toys out of their prams over the right-on mums and dads who live in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

18 June 2007

How the left is living off Latin America

John Pilger's new film rightly slates US intervention - but its fawning over Chavez substitutes fantasy for political analysis.

4 June 2007

Bloomberg’s ‘disinterested’ agenda

The mayor's reorganisation of New York schools - and his attack on 'special interests' - reveals a lot about how politics is conducted today.

17 April 2007

The attack on free speech gets hairy

The sacking of US shock jock Don Imus for referring to 'nappy-headed hos' suggests we're all too weak to cope with obnoxious remarks.

13 March 2007

Silencing the ‘niggas’ of New York

In banning the n-word, New York City Council is driven by the dodgy notion that words make reality, rather than the other way around.

6 February 2007

Fanning the child abuse controversy

Both the makers and critics of Hounddog, a film that depicts child rape, reveal America's unhealthy obsession with paedophilia.

10 January 2007

‘Something here stinks’

A report from smelly Manhattan on the various conspiracy theories about that New York 'gas cloud'.

10 November 2006

More political buffoon than military hardman

Donald Rumsfeld has a lot to answer for. So do the neocons and commentators currently cheering his demise.

8 November 2006

Bush is far from the only lame duck today

America's mid-term elections reveal a political class adrift in midstream.

8 November 2006

The big issue in NY? Mid-term mechanics

Opinion polls, surveys, voter registration patterns: in the absence of politics everyone is obsessing over the technical process instead.