23 June 2006

It’s cynicism that is corrupting politics

Widespread accusations of corruption in American business and politics are filling the gap left by the decline of genuine debate.

23 June 2006

War talk

Two sessions at a recent event hosted by the New York Times Magazine provided insights into the coverage of the Iraq war, and the state of US politics.

After the ‘day without immigrants’

The marches and strikes by 'illegal' workers should be an inspiration to all Americans.

4 May 2006

American identity revisited

As Mexican immigrants take to the streets, a debate at the New York Public Library examined the fraught question of what it means to be American.

20 April 2006

Beyond Roe vs Wade: let the debate begin

A pro-choice South Dakotan investigates her home state's decision to prohibit abortion.

13 April 2006

Half-open door policy

Why America can't make up its mind about illegal immigrants.

Avoiding the state of the union

Bush's Middle Eastern policy is in chaos - so why was it the centrepiece of his presidential address?

6 January 2006

The double tragedy in West Virginia

How the media helped to make a bad situation worse.

14 September 2005

Government collapses, Americans come through

Katrina's winds exposed the holes in the second-term Bush administration.

9 September 2005

Why people hate fat Americans

Today's attacks on obese Yanks are motivated by a broader unease with affluence.