Hillary Clinton: a man in a woman’s world

There are 1,001 reasons to hate Hillary. The fact that she’s driven and ballsy is not one of them. PLUS: Sean Collins on Democratic dysfunction.

14 May 2008

How Hillary could split the Democrats in two

Clinton’s anti-elitist rhetoric won’t help her become president. But it could make Obama’s defeat at the hands of McCain more likely.

30 April 2008

‘I’ve been labelled the world’s worst mom’

New York Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy tells spiked about the barrage of abuse she got for letting her nine-year-old ride the subway alone.

24 April 2008

After Pennsylvania: demography is destiny

With neither Clinton nor Obama offering a compelling political vision, the primaries are becoming a deeply entrenched war of identities.

9 April 2008

Baseball’s Salem

Witch-hunting steroid-users in baseball will do more to undermine the integrity of America’s national pastime than any amount of drug-taking.

17 March 2008

Bear Stearns: politicians bail out

The collapse of another bank shows the credit crunch is spreading from ‘contamination’ to ‘contagion’. Why isn’t the political class paying attention?

12 March 2008

Spitzer is down, but Spitzerism remains

The Governor of New York State has been reduced to ‘Client Number 9’ in a prostitution case, but his cynical approach to politics lives on.

6 March 2008

The lingering death of American conservatism

In defining American conservatism against overblown enemies, William F Buckley Jr, who died last week, gave birth to a weak and disparate grouping.

5 March 2008

The myth of the Latino voting bloc

Clinton, Obama and McCain are frantically courting Hispanics - but in an era of fluid, fly-by-night politics, blocs are unpredictable.

4 March 2008

Clinton v Obama: the identity wars

With Hillary as ‘put-upon woman’ and Obama as ‘race victim’, the Democrat contest is all about Who You Are rather than what you believe.