20 November 2007

Giving thanks to America this Thanksgiving

Microsoft, fast food, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment (the one on bearing arms): should we be grateful to the US for these things?

13 November 2007

Praise the Lord, fire the Pastor!

There's one thing Jesus doesn't warn you about when he calls you to the church: job insecurity.

4 October 2007

Sputnik: when American fears went into orbit

When the Soviets put the first man-made satellite into space, 50 years ago today, the event launched an era of US self-doubt that continues to this day.

26 September 2007

Ahmadinejad: 'free speech' as pantomime

The Iranian president's visit to Columbia University was less a blow against censorship and more an exercise in moral posturing.

1 August 2007

What’s behind all this Brown-nosing?

Praise for Britain’s new PM as he returns from his trip to the US is an exercise in fantasy politics.

24 July 2007

Let's remake America the 'Land of the Free'

Immigrants to the US are no threat to jobs or security: they're citizens-in-waiting who should be welcomed by all who care for liberty and progress.

9 July 2007

The shocking truth about the 'Scooter' scandal

Republicans and Democrats are obsessively debating the fate of Lewis Libby because they have nothing of substance to say about Iraq.

25 June 2007

Bugged by the Bugaboo parents

Why are so many commentators throwing their toys out of their prams over the right-on mums and dads who live in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

18 June 2007

How the left is living off Latin America

John Pilger's new film rightly slates US intervention - but its fawning over Chavez substitutes fantasy for political analysis.

4 June 2007

Bloomberg’s ‘disinterested’ agenda

The mayor's reorganisation of New York schools - and his attack on 'special interests' - reveals a lot about how politics is conducted today.