6 February 2008

Republicans: a party in pieces

The McCain, Huckabee and Romney roadshows showed that the GOP ain’t so grand anymore.

28 January 2008

Will Obama change American politics?

After his big win in South Carolina, Barack Obama said the word ‘change’ a dozen times. Does he really have a transformative, convention-busting vision?

22 January 2008

Barack Obama: white America's candidate

Desperately hoping that he will change the ‘image of the USA’, white liberals have invested more hope and energy in Obama's campaign than have black Americans.

17 January 2008

Ron Paul: no friend of freedom

The Texas congressman has vicious views on abortion and immigration. So why are so many liberals supporting him?

16 January 2008

From ‘Hillary hate’ to ‘Hillary hurrahism’

The Clintons did more than most to turn politics into a personality contest. So why is Hillary so shocked to be judged by what she wears and how she cries?

10 January 2008

A striking lack of ideas on US TV

With the schedules packed full of Pop Idol clones, ripped-off Brit-coms and half-scripted reality TV shows, it's little wonder the US public finds the screenwriters' strike a turn-off.

9 January 2008

What Hope for real Change in America?

With slogans promising Hope, Belief and Change, there is a surge of excitement around the US presidential primaries. But can anybody tell us what the Obama-Clinton contest is about?

8 January 2008

Getting to grips with Obama-mania

He has charisma, a good physique and ‘hip-mod grey suits’, and a policy programme that consists only of ‘hope’. Barack Obama takes the politics of personality to a new low.

27 December 2007

Will America ♥ Huckabee
in 2008?

The strong showing for Mike Huckabee in Iowa exposes the disarray in the Republican party and the weakness of more prominent candidates.

12 December 2007

‘Political art’ that treats the public like mugs

An art installation in New York featuring fake criminal mugshots of Bush and Cheney is meant to be cutting edge. In fact it is cynically conformist.