14 October 2008

Republican rallies: the myth of a crazed mob

The liberal media’s depiction of McCain supporters as a Weimar-like gang of rednecks shows their own fear of the white working class.

7 October 2008

The whole presidential election is a sideshow

Many now look upon the Palin-Biden clash as a ‘sideshow’. In truth, this entire contest has become irrelevant to real-world events.

29 September 2008

Obama v McCain: a battle to Not Lose

Despite the hype, round one of the televised presidential debates lacked vision or even a verbal punch-up.

22 September 2008

How the culture wars killed free expression

Christopher Shinn, the writer of new political play Now or Later, explains how campus censorship strangles debate.

18 September 2008

The future of America: out of one, many

While a new census reveals that US whites will be a minority by 2042, a dominant cultural majority has long been lacking.

16 September 2008

Challenging the politics of passivity

Whether lecturing parents or exaggerating security threats, both Obama and McCain see Americans as helpless victims.

16 September 2008

Who will win the polar bear vote?

It started out as a joke, but now the question of who polar bears would vote for in the US election is getting serious.

9 September 2008

Has spiked infiltrated Barack Obama’s party?

The internet has exposed a spiked writer’s role in determining the direction of the US election. Or has it…?

1 August 2008

How the politics of lifestyle imprisons communities

A fascinating new book argues that Americans are forming separatist ‘lifestyle tribes’. How did this happen – and how can it be challenged?

29 July 2008

The rise of Obama and fall of Brown

The Democratic presidential hopeful conquered Europe for the same reason that the New Labour prime minister lost Glasgow East.