25 March 2009

The politics of gay marriage

The referendum in California that banned gay marriage raises tortuous questions about the clash between majority rule and minority rights.

6 March 2009

From Nixonland to Obamaland

A study of how Richard Nixon exploited the Culture Wars in the 1960s sheds new light on his political era - and on the Obama era, too.

19 February 2009

Beware predatory prosecutors online

Laws ostensibly designed to protect children online are being used to punish them for sexual shenanigans or for ‘harassing’ their teachers.

18 February 2009

It takes more than money to revive an economy

Why President Obama’s $787 billion recovery package won’t fire up the US economy — and might even make things worse in the long term.

21 January 2009

Now it’s time to put the ‘we’ into ‘Yes we can’

The inauguration of Barack Obama as the Forty-Fourth President captured people’s yearning for historic momentum, and Obama’s lack of it.

20 January 2009

Why they might miss Dubya when he’s gone

Many of those still bashing Bush as an idiot indulged in some political idiocy of their own over the past eight years. PLUS: Who’s the poodle?

15 January 2009

Preachiness at Obama’s inauguration

Wendy Kaminer recalls her run-ins with (and creepy emails from) the right-wing preacher who is giving the invocation at Obama's inauguration.

13 January 2009

Yanking up the spending spree

Why the New York Yankees are being attacked for flashing the cash during a recession.

9 January 2009

Sam Adams: the first professional revolutionary

It’s high time we reclaimed and celebrated this rabble-rouser of the first order, without whom the American Revolution might not have occurred.

9 December 2008

Memo to Obama-crush liberals: he’s just not that into you

Now that he’s lined up a conservative cabinet, Obama’s supporters are in disbelief and denial.