25 February 2005

Censoring the menu

The 'Fat Bitch' sandwich is the latest target of the language cops on one US campus.

21 February 2005

Chemophobia cleans up

The president of the American Council on Science and Health on how New York's governor fell for junk science.

3 December 2004

Suffering the Democrat blues

The rise of Post-Election Selection Trauma in the USA shows just how personal the political has become.

10 November 2004

After the American election

Read the responses to the spiked debate.

9 November 2004

Bush whacking: It’s the mythology, stupid

It's been a week of dishonesty and denial about why Bush won.

3 November 2004

Four more years of what? The debate starts here

The US election campaign showed that politics has become a dangerously passive spectator sport - spiked wants to change that.

27 October 2004

The feeling man’s president

A psychologist analyses Bush’s gut appeal.

27 October 2004

X marks the…what?

Why it appears so difficult to predict the presidential victor.

19 October 2004

Uncle Sam doesn’t want you why is fear of military conscription so widespread in America?

23 September 2004

Who’s afraid of Nader?

Instead of trying to win votes, the Democrats are trying to stop Ralph Nader from stealing them.