26 October 2009

NYC: the city that never smokes

A proposal to ban lighting up in New York’s parks has exposed the puritanical agenda behind the crusade against smoking.

22 October 2009

This isn’t a recovery. It’s an Obama Bubble

Just because the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently reached 10,000, that doesn’t mean the US economy is springing back to life.

12 October 2009

How Hillary became Empress of Ireland

Hillary Clinton’s head-knocking visit to the Six Counties confirms that Washington has successfully conquered both Ireland and Britain.

29 September 2009

Refighting the Culture War over Roman Polanski

The furore over his arrest is not about what happened in LA on 10 March 1977 - it’s a pathetic proxy clash between a clapped-out left and right.

21 September 2009

Kristol’s conservatism: swansong of the West?

Irving Kristol’s neoconservative legacy was to lay the foundation for the super-patriot identity politics of George W Bush.

10 September 2009

Obama: No one’s too cool for school

The true lesson of Obama’s contentious schools address was that he connects with the kids, but lacks a vision for education.

1 September 2009

This is not only the end of the Kennedy dynasty

Yes, Ted’s death represents the end of the line for ‘America’s royals’, but it also exposes the ideology-shaped hole in the Democratic Party.

17 August 2009

America’s health wars

The backlash against Obama’s modest healthcare reforms is born from the fear of an uncertain future and a distrust of the political class.

28 July 2009

Obama: the king of low expectations

Healthcare controversies, dumb comments about the arrest of a Harvard professor, and ‘frumpy jeans’: is Obama losing his Midas touch?

9 June 2009

Government Motors is no substitute for General Motors

Yes, GM showed itself incapable of mass-producing decent cars and keeping people employed – but Obama’s intervention won’t turn things around.