6 May 2010

The hypocrisy of Arizona bashing

If the Grand Canyon state’s immigration laws seem authoritarian, wait till you see what the Democrats are proposing.

30 April 2010

The Tea Party: phoney freedom fighters

The right-wing movement is outraged by excessive government - except when it is wielded by Republicans in the name of counter-terrorism.

30 April 2010

The Tea Party? Get over it already

In their discussion of the Tea Party as ‘delirious’ and ‘unhinged’, liberals like Bill Clinton are exposing their own snobbery.

22 April 2010

Dog-fighting videos: a free speech issue

A US Supreme Court ruling rightly argues that all speech should be free, not just speech that is ‘socially beneficial’.

21 April 2010

The villain in a dumbed-down morality play

The SEC’s lawsuit against Goldman Sachs will only let politicians off the hook for the state of the economy.

14 April 2010

Welcome to the era of
anti-nuclear imperialism

Obama’s much-applauded war against nuclear weapons is about boosting Washington’s moral authority, not securing world peace.

22 March 2010

This is not History with a capital H

The health reforms in the US are neither historic nor disastrous. They simply show what ‘Change’ means under Obama: tinkering on the edges.

17 March 2010

‘Jihad Jane’ and the politics of fear

Far from ‘keeping America safe’, the elite’s depiction of the US as fragile and at-risk makes even lonely weirdos seem like a deadly threat.

9 March 2010

The real scandal is this obsession with scandal

As Republicans and Democrats squabble over who is most corrupt, the American people become more cynical about the entire political class.

11 February 2010

Palin: if she didn’t exist, they’d have to invent her

It is the Democrats’ deep-seated disdain for the masses and the Republicans’ continued state of disarray that allows Sarah Palin to thrive.