3 September 2012

Romney’s empty suit vs Obama’s empty chair

With the hope hoopla of the 2008 campaign a distant memory, now we have a contest between a letdown president and a vacuous challenger.

9 July 2012

Just shut up about school meals

Another government initiative to improve school dinners? Don’t officials have better things to do with their time?

Etan Patz: the case that changed America

Thirty-three years on, a man has been arrested for the murder of six-year-old Etan. But America is still reeling from that abduction.

Trayvon Martin and the
myth of racist America

In the US, everyone with a cause to champion and an emotion to release is latching on to the teenager's murder.

Why clicktivism now makes us switch off

President Obama is better than most politicians at exploiting social media, but even he can fall victim to mocking memes.

21 March 2012

Goading Goldman Sachs: a new sport

Half self-promotion, half banker-bashing, there was nothing brave about Greg Smith's resignation letter.

16 February 2012

Why the contraception controversy matters

American liberals are wrong: Obama’s contraception rule is a violation of important religious liberties.

16 February 2012

No, Barack Obama is not Torquemada

Religious people’s rights to follow their conscience must not impinge on women’s rights to access contraceptives.

9 February 2012

Freedom of religion is not a right-wing thing

The debate about Obama’s ruling on birth control in healthcare packages shows that many liberals are now worryingly sniffy about religious liberty.

30 January 2012

Hey, why shouldn’t we go to the moon?

Yes, Gingrich’s idea of turning the moon into the 51st state is wacky, but why is everyone so down on space exploration?