30 May 2017

Bret Weinstein and the cowardice of college leaders

Why did Evergreen State College cave in to its intolerant students?

Cancel Sarsour: the hilarious hypocrisy of the alt-right

The alt-right is as shrill and illiberal as the SJWs it hates.

25 May 2017

Why Assange should stand trial

The Wikileaks founder thinks he only has to answer to himself.

23 May 2017

Remove Trump and you remove democracy

He’s a bad president, but the elitist agitation against him is worse.

15 May 2017

Comey’s firing: a disaster for democracy

Trump's intolerance of checks on presidential power is getting scary.

11 May 2017

The lessons of the Rebecca Tuvel witch‑hunt

Let’s learn from this ugly, censorious mobbing.

Trumpcare: even worse than Obamacare

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a good vision for health.

11 May 2017

Comey, hero of the #Resistance? Please

Trump’s sacking of Comey looks more stupid than sinister.

The death of American satire

Colbert’s Trump monologue wasn’t offensive, it was lame.

4 May 2017

sour grapes

Stop looking for someone to blame for your defeat — it was your fault.