8 April 2014

The purge of
gay-marriage heretics begins

The ousting of Brendan Eich from Mozilla sets a dangerous precedent.

2 April 2014

We must tolerate assaults on the truths we hold dear

True freedom of speech means acknowledging that we ourselves might just be wrong.

2 April 2014

‘If we hadn't defended NAMBLA, no one would have’

Wendy Kaminer explains why the ACLU defended a notorious paedophile group.

2 April 2014

‘Everything should be open to question’

Kindly Inquisitors author Jonathan Rauch on the importance of doubt.

21 March 2014

Bans won’t help girls become tomorrow’s bosses

A new feminist campaign wants to ban the use of the word bossy to describe confident girls. How ironically bossy.

17 March 2014

Who are the real bigots in the St Pat’s spat?

Gay-rights groups are becoming the enforcers of social conformism.

10 March 2014

The West’s double standards on Ukraine

Our leaders claim to be defending Ukrainian sovereignty. In fact, they’re overriding it.

27 February 2014

What’s behind racism today? Fancy-dress parties, apparently…

An Olympics-themed sorority party in New York has been condemned as 'racist'.

13 February 2014

You don’t know that Woody Allen is guilty

In the name of supporting Dylan Farrow, commentators have unleashed a wave of prejudice and intolerance against Woody Allen.