22 December 2014

This ban is a fracking outrage

New York’s ban on fracking is an act of pure green elitism.

15 December 2014

UVA scandal: fight for the right to fraternise

Frats are taking the rap for the non-crime of rape culture.

11 December 2014

After Ferguson: who’s really racialising America?

Progressives are now the most fervent promoters of racialised thinking.

8 December 2014

Rolling Stone and the myth of a rape epidemic

Rolling Stone’s rape hoax speaks to a new hysteria on US campuses.

1 December 2014

Elonis v US: freedom and the Facebook generation

The US Supreme Court must not erode free speech online.

28 November 2014

After Ferguson: no, the US is not ‘congenitally racist’

The shooting was terrible. But so is the fatalism of much of the response.

25 November 2014

Bill Cosby
is innocent

We forget this at our peril.

7 November 2014

The Democrats are running on empty

The US midterms exposed the Obama administration’s utter exhaustion.

3 November 2014

‘Without artistic freedom, we are not a civilised people’

Peter Gelb of the Met in NYC on why he staged The Death of Klinghoffer.