5 March 2015

Netanyahu in Washington: how Bibi eclipsed Barack

His speech stood in stark contrast to the relativism of the modern West.

17 February 2015

The madness of the war on e-cigs

Corruption and distorted facts are driving the clampdown on vaping.

17 February 2015

The 10 worst US states for abortion rights

Land of the free? Think again.

12 February 2015

Jon Stewart, the king of snark, abdicates

How the once funny comedian became a viral snark-generator for lazy liberals.

10 February 2015

‘Hey, who are we to judge the Islamic State?’

Why many in the West are so cagey about condemning IS.

2 February 2015

‘Students are now demanding freedom from speech’

Podcast: Greg Lukianoff on why we should shock students out of lazy thinking.

28 January 2015

Obama is wrong: we need more politics, not less

The State of the Union address exposed Obama’s abandonment of reality.

9 January 2015

GM food: time to devour the benefits

GM food doesn't need labelling; it needs celebrating.

29 December 2014

Stop treating black students as victims

After Ferguson, African-American students don't need special treatment.

23 December 2014

The year the Culture Wars went global

Turning geopolitics into a battlefield over values is a really bad idea.