9 January 2015

GM food: time to devour the benefits

GM food doesn't need labelling; it needs celebrating.

29 December 2014

Stop treating black students as victims

After Ferguson, African-American students don't need special treatment.

23 December 2014

The year the Culture Wars went global

Turning geopolitics into a battlefield over values is a really bad idea.

22 December 2014

This ban is a fracking outrage

New York’s ban on fracking is an act of pure green elitism.

15 December 2014

UVA scandal: fight for the right to fraternise

Frats are taking the rap for the non-crime of rape culture.

11 December 2014

After Ferguson: who’s really racialising America?

Progressives are now the most fervent promoters of racialised thinking.

8 December 2014

Rolling Stone and the myth of a rape epidemic

Rolling Stone’s rape hoax speaks to a new hysteria on US campuses.

1 December 2014

Elonis v US: freedom and the Facebook generation

The US Supreme Court must not erode free speech online.

28 November 2014

After Ferguson: no, the US is not ‘congenitally racist’

The shooting was terrible. But so is the fatalism of much of the response.