20 April 2015

Welfare: treating the public like children

US plans to stop welfare recipients buying certain things exposes the rot of welfarism.

13 April 2015

The rise of Hillary and the death of politics

Clinton’s gender-obsessed campaign confirms the end of political life.

From Ireland to Indiana, the spread of gay-marriage groupthink

Why the campaign for same-sex hitching is so censorious and intolerant.

7 April 2015

Rolling Stone and UVA: more than a failure of journalism

The real problem is the unhinged moral panic about rape on campus.

7 April 2015

Civil rights come before religious freedom for secular businesses

If you are open for business, you should be open for business.

2 April 2015

Indiana: why we must be free to discriminate

Attacks on religious freedom undermine liberal society.

26 March 2015

The real reason Obama hates Bibi

This is more than a personality clash – it’s a shift in the world order.

25 March 2015

Selma 50 years on: why King’s dream still matters

Today’s new racialists are judging people on the colour of their skin.

16 March 2015

Why frat boys, even racist ones, should have free speech

Racist views can only be tackled through open debate, not censorship.