Down with campus censorship!

Down with campus censorship!

9 December 2013

Teaching students to fear free speech

Speech codes on UK campuses are killing free thought.

17 October 2013

‘Students are acting like Victorian censors’

Free-speech advocate Greg Lukianoff lays into the prudes at UK student unions.

13 September 2013

Why all the whining over Blurred Lines?

The hysteria over Robin Thicke’s hit shows PC has colonised every area of life.

27 March 2013

How to lose supporters and alienate people

Student radicals slam universities for outsourcing jobs, yet they outsource their protests to the dinosaurial politics of the past.

7 January 2013

Hopefully the end for No Platform

A leading anti-fascist group has moved away from censorious No Platform policies. It’s time for others to follow suit.

18 May 2011

How feminists helped students to ‘unlearn’ liberty

Campus bans on misogynist speech don't advance equality; they assume that women are just too weak to speak back.

14 April 2011

Students don’t need protection from ideas

A student opponent of the illiberal NUS has a message for its new president: get rid of No Platform.

18 November 2010

Students are supposed to read books, not burn them

A leading US defender of free speech on campus says things are so bad that some students are now destroying words that offend them.