Down with campus censorship!

3 March 2015

The nasty nonsense of Israel Apartheid Week

Why are student activists so blinkered on the issue of Israel?

25 February 2015

Students, join our fight against campus censorship!

Say no to No Platform and Safe Spaces and yes to some real debate.

24 February 2015

Kangaroo courts on campus: ‘martial law against men’

The campus rape panic is destroying due process.

16 February 2015

Censorship on campus: a tale of two comedians

Why liberals defend Kate Smurthwaite but denounce Dapper Laughs.

6 February 2015

How the academy green-lit student censorship

Those little authoritarians didn’t come from nowhere.

6 February 2015

Meet the student who turned his dorm room into an unsafe space

Columbia student Adam Shapiro on why uni should be dangerous.

6 February 2015

Julie Bindel vs ‘the stupid little bellends’

The radical feminist on the pampered students who No Platform her.

3 February 2015

#Smurthgate: feminist censorship eats itself

A feminist comedian has been ‘banned’ by a students’ union. How ironic.