Down with campus censorship!

24 November 2014

No to No Platform: in defence of unpopular ideas

Read the speech Tom Slater gave at the Oxford Union.

6 November 2014

Student journalists, it’s time to fight back

SU meddling has turned student newspapers into little more than PR rags.

5 November 2014

Berkeley vs Bill: FSM turns in its grave

After the Bill Maher debacle, Berkeley needs a new Free Speech Movement.

29 October 2014

Student censors – the children of an academy in crisis

Academics’ abandonment of knowledge has green-lit campus censorship.

13 October 2014

LSE SU: the tyranny of the minority

The banning of LSE rugby club was puritanical – and quite possibly illegal.

9 October 2014

Affirmative consent: a crime against liberty

Fearmongering about rape on campus has echoes of the red scare.

8 October 2014

The moral McCarthyism of the war on lads

The cultural cleansing of lad culture on campus reeks of intolerance.