Down with campus censorship!

17 November 2015

The University
of Racial Indoctrination

The rise of the race therapy complex on campus.

11 November 2015

Missouri: professors against press freedom

How fortysomething academics inflame campus witch-hunts.

10 November 2015

Divestment: an illiberal, anti-academic movement

A new report exposes the campaign to turn students against fossil fuels.

10 November 2015

‘But you’re a white man!’: how identity politics crushes debate

George Lawlor on the racialised response to his criticism of consent classes.

9 November 2015

The ‘Yale snowflakes’:
who made these monsters?

These little tyrants are the bastard offspring of older radicals.

5 November 2015

#KillAllWhiteMen? What about #KillAllMuslims?

The case of Bahar Mustafa shows we’re in a state over free speech.

30 October 2015

The New Bigots

It isn’t Germaine Greer who’s bigoted – it’s those who want to destroy her.