Down with campus censorship!

22 April 2016

The union that students need

It’s time to smash the NUS and start anew.

19 April 2016

‘Students must challenge the cult of psychic vulnerability’

Listen to Brendan O'Neill's introduction to our student free-speech meet-up.

13 April 2016

How to make your university an Unsafe Space

Read Tom Slater’s manifesto for free speech on campus, from his new book.

13 April 2016

Prevent: this is state censorship, not ‘safeguarding’

The UK counterterror strategy is strangling debate on campus.

12 April 2016

Now snowflake students are covering up paintings

At the University of Cape Town ‘offensive’ art is being hidden.

9 April 2016

‘Universities should be dangerous spaces’

Jonathan Haidt talks Safe Spaces, microaggressions and campus fragility.

5 April 2016

At my university, censorship is out of control

An Edinburgh student on how even head-shaking is now being banned.

21 March 2016

‘Free speech is a left‑wing value’

Gabriel Dorey reports on last week's anti-NUS protest.