Down with campus censorship!

18 December 2014

‘We don’t feel welcome in our own universities’

Pro-Israel students on the censorship and intolerance they face.

26 November 2014

Oxford, abortion and the closing of the Western mind

What the Oxford debate scandal reveals about modern censorship.

26 November 2014

The three faces of censorship

From the academy to politics, intolerance is back in fashion.

26 November 2014

The moral crusade against pro-life students

Pro-life societies are being censored. Now, a fightback has begun.

24 November 2014

No to No Platform: in defence of unpopular ideas

Read the speech Tom Slater gave at the Oxford Union.

6 November 2014

Student journalists, it’s time to fight back

SU meddling has turned student newspapers into little more than PR rags.

5 November 2014

Berkeley vs Bill: FSM turns in its grave

After the Bill Maher debacle, Berkeley needs a new Free Speech Movement.

29 October 2014

Student censors – the children of an academy in crisis

Academics’ abandonment of knowledge has green-lit campus censorship.