Down with campus censorship!

Down with campus censorship!

23 September 2016

In defence of student boozing

Don't let fun-sponge officials ruin your nights out.

22 September 2016

Students, refuse to think racially

The obsession with racism on campus is harming human relations.

21 September 2016

Teaching students to be mentally ill

The obsession with ‘student stress’ makes campus life dull and censorious.

20 September 2016

Let’s put the campus sex panic to bed

Freshers, ignore the fearmongers and enjoy your newfound freedom.

19 September 2016

How to survive freshers’ week, spiked style

Students, resist SU coddling and insist on being treated as adults.

15 September 2016

Theresa May is a friend of free speech? Come off it

She criticises Safe Spaces on campus yet wants to Safe Space all of Britain.

4 August 2016

Rose Must Fall: censorship at UCT

The University of Cape Town has dealt another blow to academic freedom.

25 July 2016

How campus censorship is conquering the world

‘Progressive censorship’ is spreading from colleges into politics.