Brad, Angelina and the rise of ‘celebrity colonialism’

What gives two Hollywood actors the right to shut down an African nation so that they can have a special experience?

26 May 2006

In the waiting room of the Rwandan genocide tribunal

Why I agreed to be an expert witness for the defence – and why the judge wouldn’t let me.

The Hollywood Actor’s Burden

Why are those, like George Clooney, who opposed Bush's war in Iraq now calling on the president to 'Save Darfur'?

7 July 2005

Who saved Birhan Woldu’s life?

Live Aid apparently saved the Ethiopian famine’s poster child in 1985, and 20 years later the UK media claims it ‘found’ her looking beautiful. Nice story - shame about the facts.

1 July 2005

It’s too easy for everybody to love Live 8

Is this a political protest for Africa, or a charity for the benefit of the British elite?

10 June 2005

Africa: a stage for political poseurs

This summer's crusade is driven more by a crisis in Britain than 'over there'.

Did the Pope spread AIDS in Africa?

The evidence is less than compelling.

16 March 2005

Throwing salt on ‘the scar of Africa’

Tony Blair's Commission for Africa Report is a recipe for further underdevelopment.

3 February 2005

Poor ambitions for the world

Despite its bold name, the new celebrity campaign won't Make Poverty History.

18 February 2004

Raising development horizons

The education charity WORLDwrite aims to question orthodoxies during its upcoming Ghana exchange.