20 November 2015

The world needs more energy, not green BS

Western governments and agencies are now standing in the way of development.

29 July 2015

Cecil the lion: hunting for outrage

Calm down, everyone – lion-hunting is good for Africa.

Tunisia was a bloody crime, not an act of war

The best response to this massacre? More freedom, more holidays.

Human rights: taking liberties, not protecting them

The Human Rights Act has set back the fight for freedom.

20 April 2015

The real black-on-black violence in South Africa

Foreign nationals have become collateral damage in a standoff between the ANC and the masses.

The racist roots of the French FGM crusade

France’s anti-FGM campaign was the product of an immigrant-bashing time.

1 April 2015

Rhodes to nowhere: smashing statues won’t change South Africa

South African students should focus on fighting the ANC, not past injustices.

15 January 2015

Why is Boko Haram so barbaric?

The new movements that float free of politics and morality.