23 July 2014

MH17: our generation’s Franz Ferdinand moment?

Yes, there are similarities between July 2014 and July 1914 – but differences, too.

The West’s cynical milking of the Ukraine air tragedy

The West is grotesquely trying to rebuild its prestige on the debris of MH17.

4 June 2014

The EU is no friend of Ukraine

The EU poses as saviour of Ukraine, but in reality it never wanted this eastern state as a member.

13 May 2014

Ukraine: the Culture Wars turn bloody

The instability in Ukraine is a product of a West-v-East battle over values.

Ukraine: Western double standards hit a new low

Media coverage of the Ukraine crisis isn’t journalism – it’s script-writing.

24 March 2014

The infantile diplomacy behind demonising Russia

The self-righteousness of the West’s new Russia-bashers is astonishing.

18 March 2014

If Europe is so free, why won’t it allow free debate on Ukraine?

The same Euro-politicians who claim to have delivered Ukraine into freedom now want to clamp down on free discussion about Ukraine.

11 March 2014

‘Most of what we’ve been told about Ukraine is wrong’

Podcast: Brendan O’Neill on the Western myths about the events in Ukraine.