Great War

Great War

27 June 2014

Franz Ferdinand: the killing that changed everything?

It's too simplistic to say Ferdinand's assassination caused the Great War.

7 April 2014

How the Great War laid waste to liberal education

The First World War unravelled adult authority over the next generation.

17 February 2014

The Great War: its key battle isn’t over yet

The political crisis that provoked the First World War still haunts the West.

8 January 2014

The Great War: a battle for meaning

It is historical idiocy to write off this war as 'incomprehensible slaughter'.

7 January 2014

This row isn’t really about the First World War

Frank Furedi on how right and left have politicised the Great War’s centenary.

23 February 2012

Making a fairytale of the First World War

He may have replaced the gore of war with the goo of War Horse, but somehow Spielberg pulls it off.

21 February 2011

A fitting tribute to the ‘forgotten Suffragette’

A brilliant new documentary about democracy-loving Sylvia Pankhurst reminds us that Everything is Possible.

21 April 2010

What’s so great about the welfare state?

ESSAY: The origins of state welfare were far from progressive, and in its new therapeutic form it is actually a barrier to human solidarity.

30 October 2009

The drawn-out decay of the capitalist class

Richard Overy’s splendid new book on the ‘morbid age’ of the 1920s and 30s sheds light on the emergence of a profound crisis of confidence amongst the bourgeoisie – a crisis that has never quite gone away.

'It's like something between the Olympics and Christmas'

Young Australians' annual pilgrimage to Gallipoli has little to do with commemorating those who died in 1915.