31 August 2017

We need more Texas attitude and less PC

Texans’ heroic response to Hurricane Harvey has been inspiring.

4 January 2016

Storm Frank:
what’s in a name?

The decision to name the storms causing the floods reveals our newfound fear of weather.

11 December 2015

After the floods: we need more development

Greens are using Cumbria's troubles to argue for tough climate action. Bad idea.

18 February 2014

The eco-hysteria of blaming mankind for the floods

Blaming storms on human industry is as backward as blaming them on gays.

12 February 2014

Who's to blame for the floods? Maybe no one is

There's something backward about the hunt for the one thing or person who might be blamed for England's flooding.

19 November 2012

The storm that blew away rationalism

The belief that recent storms were caused by climate change echoes Medieval Europe's superstitions about weather.

6 January 2011

Australia: flooded by gloomy reporters

For all the disaster porn about a Biblical-style flood, Queenslanders have demonstrated real resilience.

26 August 2010

Après le deluge, the ghoulish opportunists

Everyone from anti-terror crusaders to end-of-the-world greens is exploiting the Pakistani floods to revive their own flagging careers.

19 August 2010

Pakistan’s floods and ‘disaster narcissism’

How the deluge in Asia was turned into an opportunity for Western preening and political oneupmanship.