The Jewish Question

The Jewish Question

6 February 2014

What could be worse than Holocaust denial?

Answer: trying to ban alleged Holocaust deniers such as Dieudonné.

6 February 2014

The culture war against circumcision

What a terrible irony that this age-old Jewish practice is being attacked in the language of human rights.

6 February 2014

The truth about Zionism

Today’s fashionable loathing of Zionists is far from progressive.

5 February 2014

Why the PC police want to rid football of Yids

It's not anti-Semitism they fear, but rough, gruff, knuckle-dragging footie fans.

4 February 2014

Time for some new answers to the Jewish Question

Too many Europeans are acquiescing to anti-Semitism instead of fighting it.

3 February 2014

How conspiracy culture made anti-Semitism respectable

The mainstreaming of conspiratorial thinking has been very bad news for Jews.