6 January 2014

Poor people are getting plump? Good

It’s perverse to expect us to panic about obesity in the Third World.

29 August 2013

Jamie Oliver, patronising? Never!

After years of cheering Oliver's crusade to educate the salad-dodging masses, why is the commentariat now turning on him?

13 August 2013

Exploding the myth of the obesity timebomb

Children are healthier and happier than ever before, whatever well-paid scaremongers might claim.

5 August 2013

Turning fat into
a four-letter word

The attempt by health authorities to denormalise obesity is a recipe for failure - and could undermine democracy, too.

29 July 2013

The man who’s too fat for New Zealand

Theresa Clifford reports from NZ, where a South African chef faces deportation for being overweight.

19 July 2013

Confectionery: the new contraband

A little girl from Watford has been sent home from a school trip - for eating chocolate.

26 June 2013

We’re not sick, we’re just a bit fat

Classifying obesity as a disease will open up a vast swathe of the population to state-approved bullying.

18 February 2013

A 10-point plan to deal with meddling medics

It’s not obesity that requires urgent action, but the rising tide of miserable public-health busybodies.

16 January 2013

‘Obesity rates have been flat for over a decade’

Obesity expert Paul Campos answers your questions on everything from soda taxes to anti-fat academic charlatans.

8 January 2013

Who’s afraid
of being fat?

A new study suggesting that being a bit chubby is harmless has left anti-obesity activists spitting out their salad.