29 August 2013

Jamie Oliver, patronising? Never!

After years of cheering Oliver's crusade to educate the salad-dodging masses, why is the commentariat now turning on him?

13 August 2013

Exploding the myth of the obesity timebomb

Children are healthier and happier than ever before, whatever well-paid scaremongers might claim.

5 August 2013

Turning fat into
a four-letter word

The attempt by health authorities to denormalise obesity is a recipe for failure - and could undermine democracy, too.

29 July 2013

The man who’s too fat for New Zealand

Theresa Clifford reports from NZ, where a South African chef faces deportation for being overweight.

19 July 2013

Confectionery: the new contraband

A little girl from Watford has been sent home from a school trip - for eating chocolate.

26 June 2013

We’re not sick, we’re just a bit fat

Classifying obesity as a disease will open up a vast swathe of the population to state-approved bullying.

18 February 2013

A 10-point plan to deal with meddling medics

It’s not obesity that requires urgent action, but the rising tide of miserable public-health busybodies.

16 January 2013

‘Obesity rates have been flat for over a decade’

Obesity expert Paul Campos answers your questions on everything from soda taxes to anti-fat academic charlatans.

8 January 2013

Who’s afraid
of being fat?

A new study suggesting that being a bit chubby is harmless has left anti-obesity activists spitting out their salad.

12 December 2012

Gorging on anti-
corporate baloney

A Canadian medic claims on YouTube that Big Food is killing us. Such claims need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt.