30 July 2007

Who’s teaching China’s next generation?

The influx of foreign teachers into China is both a boon and a problem, reports Chris Dalby from Beijing.

24 July 2007

Three cheers for China’s ‘economic miracle’

Ignore the Yellow Peril view of Chinese economic growth as dirty and dangerous. There are good reasons to welcome China’s leaps forward.

16 July 2007

How China respects
its elders

With 144million over-60s, China is having to devise new ways to care for its elderly. Chris Dalby reports from a retirement home near Beijing.

21 June 2007

Is the Red Dragon a green threat?

Ignore the scaremongering of environmentalist writers and thinkers: China should be free to develop as it wishes.

15 June 2007

Is it ethical to buy goods from China and India?

Our ethical columnist on why these two new economic powers need to de-develop as soon as possible.

5 June 2007

Slumming it no more

Sadhavi Sharma reports from Bombay where thousands of slum dwellers are being moved into gleaming new flats, and asks: why are greens so down on this inspiring initiative?

11 April 2007

A cultural revolution at Tate Liverpool

Free of Western pessimism, the young Chinese artists on exhibition in Britain are witty and experimental.

26 February 2007

Worshipping a Bollywood actress? How backward

A Bombay-based writer is shocked by the British elite’s transformation of Shilpa Shetty into a high priestess of unity.

1 February 2007

Davos 2007: ‘Waging’ war on China

Behind their feigned concern for falling Western wages, the elites at the World Economic Forum are really worried about the rise of Asian economies.

27 October 2006

Reawakening the ‘yellow peril’

An exhibition at the Battersea power station reveals the West’s double standards when it comes to Chinese modernisation.