27 October 2006

Reawakening the ‘yellow peril’

An exhibition at the Battersea power station reveals the West’s double standards when it comes to Chinese modernisation.

15 June 2006

East Timor: when nation-building destroys

The Pacific state’s slide into turmoil exposes the hollowness of the ‘independence’ granted to it by the UN.

25 April 2006

Nepal: now that’s what I call democratisation

Why are those who bang on about bringing 'people power' to foreign lands so ambivalent about the people demanding power on the streets of Nepal?

India: where a movie star is more than a movie star

Why did 60,000 film fans riot in Bangalore following the death of an old actor? Alexander Zaitchik reports from New Delhi.

7 March 2006

Toxic China?

Western critics cite China's environmental record as an excuse for attacking economic growth.