29 April 2014

South Korea ferry disaster: playing the blame game

Pundits have even blamed South Korean culture for the Sewol tragedy.

19 March 2014

MH370: conspiracy theorists adore a vacuum

The endless speculation about that Malaysian plane is doing no one any favours.

22 January 2014

Well-off NGOs celebrating tribal poverty

Survival International's 'proud not primitive' campaign celebrates hardship and backwardness.

30 October 2013

The fall and fall of Asian fertility

The unwillingness of young Asians to start families echoes a worldwide rejection of the capacity to live independently.

2 August 2013

The human spirit doesn’t mind the gap

Commuters in Japan show the way when rescuing a woman trapped underneath a train.

22 July 2013

How the West exploits brave Malala

Malala Yousafzai, a brave young Pakistani woman, is being used to give a positive sheen to external intervention.

2 May 2013

The political malaise in Malaysia

There is no doubting the desire for a change of government in Kuala Lumpur, but the choices on offer are uninspiring.

30 April 2013

How Britannia became cool in HK

Hongkongers are standing up to their new bosses in Beijing by embracing the fashions of their old colonial masters.

4 April 2013

North Korea: a tale of two superpowers

The latest round of instability on the Korean peninsula reveals a great deal about American and Chinese influence today.