2 December 2016

Are cries of sexism holding back science?

Humans are not ruled by biology – that doesn't mean it's not important.

20 October 2016

The expert invasion of family life

A new book explores the political instrumentalisation of parenting.

2 October 2015

Why we should be cautious about celebrating autism

Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes offers a one-sided history of autism.

Blaspheming against the prophets of scientism

Mary Midgley takes aim at those who view humans as just bundles of molecules.

24 March 2014

Early childhood maketh not the man

John Bruer talks to spiked about the myth of the first three years being pivotal.

5 August 2013

Never mind the neuro-bollocks

Ignore the neuro-determinists: man is more than a machine.

31 July 2013

The deterministic myth of the ‘early years’

Whether based on attachment theory or neurobabble, the claim that human beings are set in stone by the age of three is groundless.

Standing up to the white-coated gods of fortune

Science has replaced Fortuna in fancying itself as the revealer of men's fates.

21 January 2013

Whatever happened to free will?

The rise of determinism and the denial of choice reflect today’s very bleak view of human beings.