School meals

School meals

22 May 2017

Jamie Oliver vs Theresa May

How the mockney bore politicised school meals.

29 April 2014

Public health adopts the missionary position

Health campaigners demand ever more regulation of our lives – and it's our personal independence that is being shafted.

9 July 2012

Just shut up about school meals

Another government initiative to improve school dinners? Don’t officials have better things to do with their time?

21 June 2012

Stop hijacking
Martha Payne

Did the food puritans who co-opted a young girl’s school-dinners blog for their cause even bother to read it?

18 April 2011

Making a meal of school children’s diet

A survey hailing the impact of healthy school dinners on kids’ capacity to learn is not as smart as it thinks.

14 April 2011

The busybody war on packed lunches

A US school’s ban on parents giving their kids packed lunches reeks of ‘we know best’ condescension.

8 September 2010

Britain’s neverending school-meals saga

The relentless politicisation of the humble school dinner has been bad for parents, teachers and children.

18 February 2010

America, we need to talk about Jamie

Once upon a time, you kicked us Brits out when we tried to tell you how to run your affairs. It’s time to do the same with Jamie Oliver.

13 January 2010

Put the lunch police back in their box

New research says children’s packed lunches are unhealthy. But what we feed our kids is no business of government.