17 December 2013

New Atheism: worshipping nothing

spiked editor Brendan O'Neill on how New Atheists have replaced God with a diminished image of humanity.

12 November 2013

Rethinking role models

Why should we look to popstars or footballers to be inspiring for any other reason than that they are good at what they do?

24 September 2013

What is humanism? Part two

In the second part of his alternative lecture, Frank Furedi contrasts the robust humanist view of people with the modern obsession with vulnerability.

12 August 2013

Syria: the view on the streets

The citizen-TV channel WORLDbytes asked Londoners about their views on the conflict.

2 August 2013

‘You cannot be free from being insulted’

spiked's law editor debates trolling and Twitter abuse on Channel 4 News.

6 June 2013

The art of defending
press freedom

In this video, Mick Hume takes us on a trip through the ‘After Leveson’ exhibition in London that he helped to curate.