4 October 2011

Euro-crisis: dictatorship of the bean-counters

The bankrupting of democracy is too high a price to pay for the Euro-elites’ scheme to save their system through more austerity and integration.

3 October 2011

Knox: victim of an Italian soap opera

A supporter of the Injustice in Perugia campaign reports on the absolute dearth of evidence against Amanda Knox.

3 October 2011

The culture war over ‘Foxy Knoxy’

The pro-Amanda Knox campaign is far from saintly, what with its Italy-bashing and whispers about backward European men.

Is it arrivederci to nuclear power in Italy?

The Italian government has prioritised risk-avoidance and short-term political survival over acute energy needs.

20 December 2010

A queer take on Italian family life

Loose Cannons is an uplifting film about Italian traditions and sexuality, but it ends up looking like a clichéd pasta ad.

30 March 2010

The end of the Berlusconi show?

Guy Rundle reports from Rome on how the disarray of the left has helped to keep the man they love to hate in power.

25 February 2010

Have Italian judges ‘broken the internet’?

Yes, the Italian decision on Google was mad, but many of the British politicians slating it also have a dire track record on freedom of speech.

17 December 2009

Democracy takes a beating in Italy

Italian politicians are taking advantage of the attack on Silvio Berlusconi in Milan to clamp down on liberties.