7 March 2018

Now it’s time for ‘Italeave’

Italy’s politicians must listen to the public and consider leaving the EU.

5 March 2018

Italy has dealt a blow to the EU

But the nation still longs for a real populist alternative.

11 July 2017

The EU: pitting migrants against citizens

The migrant crisis reveals the inhumane reality of the EU.

6 December 2016

The rejection of Renzi: a good day for democracy

Italians have had enough of this unelected PM.

24 March 2015

When will they stop hounding Amanda Knox?

She’s been framed before, and it looks like she–ll be framed again.

20 February 2014

Matteo Renzi and Italy’s coup d’état

Italian voters have yet again been sidelined by backroom deals in Rome.

3 February 2014

Amanda Knox: Italian justice on trial

The handling of the Meredith Kercher murder case should shock anyone interested in fairness and truth.

3 February 2014

The culture war over ‘Foxy Knoxy’ continues

The trials of Amanda Knox have become an excuse to attack the Italian national character.

9 December 2013

Pope Francis: the new King of Italy

In a country with little faith in politics, the 'people's pontiff' has become Italy's de facto head of state.