16 August 2018

Genoa: notes on a disaster

Poor maintenance and underinvestment could well explain the Morandi Bridge collapse.

Italy: the rise of the techno-populists

The spiked review talks to Carlo Invernizzi Accetti about why the Five Star Movement is a new kind of populism.

20 June 2018

Fortress Europe is no friend of migrants

It criticises Italy, yet the EU has been blocking migrants for decades.

Treating Italy like a Euro-colony

The EU’s meddling in Italy should alarm all democrats.

The putsch in Italy

The Euro-establishment has declared war on democracy.

The thwarting of Italian democracy

How EU officials are overriding Italy’s popular will.

7 March 2018

Now it’s time for ‘Italeave’

Italy’s politicians must listen to the public and consider leaving the EU.

5 March 2018

Italy has dealt a blow to the EU

But the nation still longs for a real populist alternative.

11 July 2017

The EU: pitting migrants against citizens

The migrant crisis reveals the inhumane reality of the EU.