24 November 2005

What happened to the positive case for nuclear power?

The UK government is trying to promote nuclear by stoking up fears about the future. Bad move.

30 September 2005


The fashion for microgeneration reveals a sluggish approach to the future.

12 August 2005

Nuclear lethargy

Why is the government dragging its heels on building new nuclear power stations?

12 October 2004

Gaps in the grid

How to build the energy system that we need.

19 August 2004

Inflating the oil crisis

What's behind the hike in prices?

3 June 2004

Inflaming the oil crisis

There seems to be no danger of running out of pessimistic predictions about the end of oil.

3 March 2004

The future of energy

The opening seminar in spiked's 'Facing the future' series sent sparks flying.

14 July 2003

Hot air

The UK government's commitment to wind power is an expensive gesture, at odds with the nation's needs.

22 April 2003

The limits of ‘green’ power

Linking UK energy policy with 'climate control' is starting to warp the agenda for no predictable gain.