3 April 2014

Making the case for shale gas and oil

Both advocates and critics of fracking have it wrong. Also, both use the wrong word.

27 March 2014

Frack to
the future

Forget ‘security’ and ‘resilience’ - we need a positive case for new energy.

14 February 2014

Hollywood's ignorant crusade against fracking

Phelim McAleer's FrackNation drills into the myths promoted by Gasland and its celebrity fans.

25 November 2013

Why greens love high fuel bills

Ever-rising energy prices are the product of green attacks on our consumption habits.

22 October 2013

Two cheers for nuclear

The UK government has sealed a deal for new nuclear power stations. About time, too.

8 October 2013

Both Labour and Tories have failed to mind the energy gap

While party leaders bleat about rising energy bills, their policies have undermined the UK’s capacity to generate power.

8 August 2013

Balcombe: colonised by fracktivists

Anti-fracking activists who have descended on West Sussex claim to be speaking for the locals. The locals beg to differ.